Saturday, September 12, 2009

More a home than a house now....

We've been so busy since school started that we haven't had a lot of time to work on the house. Peter's been dutifully watering and mowing, so the yard looks great, but not much else has changed at the house.

I never took Home Ec in high school, I opted instead to take Band and Drama. Those were fun at the time, but haven't been a lot of help when it comes to decorating our house. I wanted some curtains, but as funds are pretty low, we haven't been able to buy any.

So, I commissioned my mom to help me learn how to sew over Labor Day weekend. "How hard can it be to make curtains?" I thought. (What an idiot).

Let me preface this by saying I've never used a sewing machine before. I'd seen mom do it plenty of time growing up, so I thought I got the general idea. But, seeing and doing are two VERY different things.

We set out on Saturday morning to Hobby Lobby to get material and came back with some really cute stuff. Our kitchen cabinets don't have doors, so I wanted to make curtains to cover them to keep out the dust and for general cuteness. I also wanted to make valances for the two windows.

Before mom and I set out for Hobby Lobby, Peter, mom and I went to Lowe's and Home Depot to check out their holiday sales. We had already gotten an awesome faucet for a great price, so we were in desperate need for a new bathroom sink and vanity.

We found a great one at Home Depot for under $79.99. We'd already gotten our faucet for $16 (it's a Moen and it was originally $128!), so we did our new bathroom stuff for less than a hundred bucks. I thought we did great!

While we were there we also got a new bedroom door (we didn't have one at all. The last renters Peter had got in a fight and punched a hole in it, so he took it down). We also got some cute little lights to go around the stepping stones to our front door.

Since our house has two "front" doors, (and the other one goes into our bedroom), we're trying to do things to let people know which door to come in.

All in all, we did lots of cute things and the house is looking really nice! Pics below!

A side view of our new vanity (with cool faucet) and our bathroom cabinet.

Close up of the vanity and faucet

Our awesome steal of a faucet!

A view of one of the cabinet curtains with the valance.

A closer view of the cabinet curtain (trimmed in the material the valances were made from).
Mom did these curtains, I did the valances.

My first thing I sewed all by myself!

Our new footlights for outside.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

More cuties!

I had to post these! When we have kids, they're going to be so neglected. We'll have used up all our picture taking efforts.

Baxter sticking his tongue at us for telling him to get off the high fence.

Sally with her hand down a hole in the yard (hope something doesn't jump out and grab her).


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sally and Baxter

It's now been over a month since we got Baxter (time flies!) and things are much better between him and his big sister. She no longer hisses at him anymore, and in fact they play all the time! They still don't do a lot of cuddling, but she does clean him whenever she gets the chance. We think it's less out of affection, and more because she thinks he's dirty.

Here are some pics to show their frolicking times together.

Look at that sweet face!

He is already very adventurous!

Following big sister around

"This will all be mine one day....."

Investigating Sally's latest catch

Sally escaping out the pet door

Practicing the "rule of thirds" with Sally as my subject

Princess on the prowl

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Learning a new craft

I've been helping Peter at the store for the last couple of weeks and in our spare time, he's been teaching me how to make jewelry from a mold.

So far I've made a sapphire ring and two pendants. It's a long process and when I was working on sizing the mold for my ring (after 2.5 hours) I broke it into a bunch of pieces. The molds are made from wax, so it's a little delicate.

After lots of time and LOTS of help from "the pro," I have 3 lovely pieces of jewelry! A ring and pendant for me, and another pendant for my BFF Lauren. (Shhhhh! It's a surprise!)

Check them out!

The mold for the cross and rose pendants.

The finished product!

Lauren's pendant (it's really small, this is just a zoomed in picture)

Monday, July 6, 2009


Peter and I have been discussing getting a new kitten for months. Sally's home alone all day and we thought she'd like a friend.

Since summer time is kitten time, the Austin Humane Society lowers their fees for adoption to only $35. In fact, this is the same time of year we got Sally almost a year ago.
So, we went to the Austin on Sunday "just to look." As soon as walked in the door, we saw a little feisty kitten named, "Nike" attacking the tag on his cage and generally keeping himself entertained.

We looked at one other kitten, but as soon as we were able to play with Nike, we knew he was the kitten for us.

We changed his name to Baxter, after Ron Burgandy's dog in Anchorman. He's a tuxedo cat, so we knew he needed a rather formal name.

So far, Sally isn't a fan of Bax, but we're hoping as time goes by, she'll at least learn to tolerate him.

For your viewing pleasure:

Baxter perching on the console on the ride home from the shelter.

He tried to make it all the way home, but zonked out about halfway.

Baxter plays in his tent while Sally looks on in disdain.

He tries desperately to attack something outside his tent.

Bax's favorite place to take a nap.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Look what Sally dragged in............again.

We got an early start yesterday when Sally came through her pet door with a BIG, LIVE bird in her mouth. It was squawking and flapping all around.

She (of course) dropped it not long after she came in and it flew around leaving feathers in its wake. It flew under the bed, and finally flew up to the dresser, where Sally sat and poked at it for a while.

Peter finally had to shew it out with a broom. It was not a fun experience at 6am, let me tell you!

Sally eyes her newest catch.

If you look closely, you can see the feathers everywhere!

Sally sniffs at her bird (this is the closest she got to eating it, which wasn't close at all).

Friday, June 26, 2009

Sally: The country cat

When we lived in the illustrious "big" town of Marble Falls, Sally would occasionally bring in her latest catch to show us/play with/eat. (See post below)

Since we moved to the country, Sally has taken to finding new and different things to catch (like giant, mutant grasshoppers) and bring inside for our inspection. The goofy thing is, she brings them in, sets them down, then leaves them. She doesn't play with them, or eat them. She just drops them on the floor somewhere.

She usually lays next to her catch for a while, but after a few minutes of it laying paralyzed by fear, she'll get bored and leave it where it lays. Then Peter and I get the joy of catching it and releasing it again.

Wednesday alone she brought in 3 grasshoppers between dinner and us going to bed. Ah!!!

Yesterday morning, she trotted out her little cat door to go play. A few minutes later I see her coming in with what I think is a big frog. I yelled at her to take it back outside, but, she is a cat, and they don't follow orders very well.

She brought in the "frog" and laid it on the kitchen floor and then plopped down beside it. That's when I saw it's looooong tail. It wasn't a frog, but a LARGE lizard. Not a gecko, a big lizard that looked like it should be spiky and live on a rock in the desert.

Of course, after a few minutes she got bored and started to walk away and when she moved, it freaked out and starting running all around the kitchen. I finally dropped the mop bucket over it to keep it in one place.

After searching for some stiff cardboard, I finally slid it under the bucket and got it outside. Once I put it outside it sat in the same spot for an hour (no wonder Sally caught it, dumb lizard). So, I was able to take this picture for comparison.

Sally and her lizard (bad cell phone picture)

The lizard and Peter's shoe